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  • Getting to know Astro & What He Stands For 🤟🏾😎

    Obviously Astro name is short for astronaut.  “ Astro “ 🤟🏾😎 is the most down to earth 🌏astronaut in any Galaxy.  

     Living life Astros way - “ Lifted & Gifted “ in his own never ending worlds always elevating and growing never afraid of new beginnings seeking knowledge and truth while spreading love and light wherever  his journey may take him.

    You will always find him in his trusty 🛀 bathtub  minding his own business making the best out of life and every situation with his laid back attitude towards life. Living, Learning, Growing and Teaching others how to love and be loved without even trying. Astro loves to live his life happily and freely untethered from society’s idealism of what life should look/ feel like and be.    

    Astro has cut all ties to the physical worlds and started his Voyage on the high seas of spiritualism, open minded and breaking free from pre-programmed ideas installed by society, experiencing new and exciting adventures while he finds his own path home. 🤟🏾 Time to time he cross paths with some amazing people with incredible testimonials. 

    What's with the rainbow and hand signal?