Shopping With A Purpose

Live Learn Grow To Teach is a Christian-based brand with one goal in mind, and that's is to remind the world that GOD LOVES YOU DESPITE WHAT DIRECTION YOU TAKE, YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND YOUR OWN PATH HOME THROUGH CHRIST. Simple Right? Yeah, we know, but somewhere down the line people have made life and living waaay more complicated than it was intended. So, we have made it simpler with just a click of a button, a sip of a cup, a tilt of your hat, jog in the park, walking your furry pal, or a family road trip you would be helping remind others and yourself that GOD LOVES YOU!! Oh, and did we mention that 50 percent of our proceeds go back to Charitable causes, non-profits, Children’s Hospitals, families in need, the disabled, Veterans, as many people across the world! Here at LLGTT, you are more than just shopping, you are shopping with a purpose. You are more than just a giver, you are a doer as well! You are what we like to call "DO-GIVER's" with every step displaying our logo you will remind the world to Live Learn Grow To Teach others how to Love and be Love through Christ. Not only are you stepping out looking cool, but you are also helping the world change for the better. WE ARE ALL OF GOD’S PEOPLE.
We are a family at LLGTT and ask you To Find Your Own Path Home Through Christ. welcoming all walks, shades, colors, and creeds.
So, what are you waiting for? Let’s Change The World!!